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In the words of Don Ho, Tiny bubbles in the wine, make me happy, make me feel fine.  I couldn’t agree more, but let’s get our inner recessionista on and talk dollars and cents.  Is serving champagne for a toast worth it?

Before I go and get all economist on you, let me preface this by saying I love Champagne!  I think there is something so festive and wonderfully sparkly about it, that I completely see why it is an integral part of a wedding celebration.  But, if you want to save some dinero, here’s my two cents.

I can’t tell you how many weddings I’ve done where we usually end up clearing away full glasses of champagne after the toast.  Straight down the drain! What a waste, can you believe it?!?  Most people are already drinking their cocktail of choice by time toasts come around.  Therefore, they usually just take a break from their margarita, sip one itty-bitty sip for the toasts but leave the rest to be cleared by the wait staff.  Most people don’t bother to drink both and avoid the headache that is sure to follow….eeesh Tequila and Champagne, that already sounds like a bad idea!  More often than not, most of your guests are just fine to be saying “Salut” with whatever they have in their hand, bubbly or not!

Another way to shave some mula is to offer Prosecco instead of Champagne.  Significantly cheaper, I bet you a dime to a dollar, not many folks will notice the swap!  But, if a snazzy bottle is up your alley, why not have a special bottle just for the bride and groom?  That way you can still have the festive sparkle of Champagne and even use the beautiful set of toasting glasses you have.  You’ll also waste fewer bubbles down the drain and save a boatload of money!