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Last Christmas I received a chop saw.  Let me tell you, I.was.stoked.  I am sort of a tool junkie and the handy woman around the house; so when it comes to spinning blades and the perfect complement to my pink “Ladies Tool”, stop traffic.  Here come the DIY projects!  Recently I made succulent planters out of some Aspen poles I had sitting around.  They were perfect for one of my clients hosting a very woodsy wedding!  Hello UP-CYCLING!!!

If you want to do this project, it is super easy…as long as you’re not afraid of chopping your fingers off…a very apparent hazard that I may take too lightly!  Here’s what you’ll need:

First you’ll need wood poles (Aspen, Birch, etc) that are at least 3 inches in diameter.  You’ll need to get your paws on a 1 1/2″ drill bit, a drill, and of course, you’ll need a chop saw.  One thing you should know about me.  I hate to measure.  I like to eyeball.  This also equals bad baker, but a good cook…and a whole different story.  I digress.  I decided to cut my poles into sections that were between 4-5 inches long.  I wanted them to be proportional with the width of the stump as well as not be too top-heavy once they were planted with the succulents.  This is also where the hand-chopping hazard lies.  Don’t let your fingin’s get too close or you’ll be in the ER and then next 9-fingered bride.

Next, whip out your fancy drill bit, center it on the stump and drill down into the mini stump about 2-3 inches.  Now, I just made that sound way easier than it really was.  Depending on the density of the wood, you’re going to have to put some serious elbow grease into this part.  Also, I should have invested in a vice to hold these puppies in place.  Instead, I recruited the Mister and a friend of his to wedge the stumps against the brick wall and drill with all of their might.  Bless their hearts for falling for my Tom Sawyer ways!

Then comes the fun part!  I had ordered a ba-jillion loose succulents to fill all of my new planters.  First I dropped a bit of gravel at the base of the planter and then filled it in with some nice yummy soil. Then, I snapped off a few succulents…as some of you may already know, they are self-rooting and a fresh stem will grow roots in new soil.  Amazing, I know.  Another sneaky trick: dipping the fresh cut stem in a bit of cinnamon acts as an antiseptic and will keep your succulent healthy.

Finished with a little Reindeer moss and BOOM! You’ve got the most adorable woodsy succulent planters!  I placed them all the way down the reception tables paired with votives sitting on thin wood disks; the whole look was just divine!

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