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Have I got a fun DIY for you!  Have you ever heard of dyeing glass?  Well I hadn’t either until I stumbled upon this tutorial about creating cranberry colored glass by coating it with a mixture of Modge Podge and food coloring! Wh-what? You can make your own colored glass?  Well, boy was I excited because I had just figured that the magic finishing detail for Kim and LB’s intimate autumnal wedding was going to be amber glass votives.

Photo: Ginger Russell Photography

Oh yes, it adds the perfect warm glow and ultimate glimmer to any table!  See below for the how to’s:

I started with about 30 clear glass votive holders.  I made sure they were squeaky-clean and very dry.

Then, I created my mixture of Modge Podge and food coloring.  Now this was the hard part, because I didn’t know the correct ratio of drops for a deep amber hue, so…as I usually do, I decided to wing it!

Here’s the ratio I found that worked the best: (I tripled the recipe for 30 votives)

2 Tbs Gloss Modge Pdge (Very important that it is GLOSS not Matte)
2 Tsp Water
5 drops red food coloring
5 drops yellow food coloring
3 drops blue coloring

Now stir, don’t shake, because you don’t want air bubbles.  Pour a little into your container and swirl the votive around to coat the entire surface.  You will end up pouring out a bit back into your mixture as you want to get rid of as much excess as you can.

Then set all of the votives open side down on a drying rack….this will get messy.  As they dry, the excess continues to drip and you really don’t want the globby buildup to dry that way.  I avoided this by continually wiping the rims for a nice clean edge.

It will take about 24+ hours to dry… and this part is just torture.  I really like instant gratification when it comes to crafts, so I had a really hard time waiting.  It’s also confusing since Modge Podge is opaque at first and dries clear, so I was really anxious to see how they were going to turn out. (You’ll see above the round votives came out very light as they were my first batch.  I ended up swirl n’ coating another layer, which worked fine, and made them darker as you’ll see below) Also, if you mess up, don’t cry, you can soak them in warm water and start over since Modge Podge is water based.

I was so pleased with the way they all turned out; it was well worth the long wait.  I ended up using the round votives in hurricanes with sand that I had mixed with copper and gold glitter.  It looked really great!  For another metallic touch, I wrapped the square votives with a gilded lace trim; they were so beautiful!

For my next project I am going to try this teal glass tutorial, yehaw!