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Images via Jess Evans

When I look back on my own wedding experience, the one thing I wish I had done was get my make-up done by a professional.  Of course, I was the CA-RAZY bride that chose to make her own bouquet and centerpieces just hours before the wedding and hardly had time to take off the old nail polish, let along get a manicure or pampered with a make-up pro.

Looking back on that, I really do encourage brides to spend just a little extra money to have this done on their wedding day.  First off, it is a really great excuse to “Treat Yo’ Self”, because let’s face it, how often are you gonna be doing this?  Secondly, it is the perfect opportunity to relax, sit still and calm down before your big day.  Let someone powder your nose and delicately sweep your eyelids with pearly shadow.

And….there is a lot to be said for professional make-up.  It stays on longer, looks better in photos and you can do a trial run to make sure it is the perfect wedding day look!

To make up for my amateur wedding day make-up, I had the pleasure of getting my glam on with the ever so talented Jess Evans.  Holy crap, she is good!  She dolled me up for a ladies night out and I never knew it was possible to feel so beautiful! I kept thinking how lucky brides are to have Jess create the perfect look just for them! To top it off, she’s just a wonderful person to be around and would definitely ease any wedding day jitters a bride may have.

So, if you’re looking for a flawless face for your wedding, or want to perfect your pout for a night out, give this lady a jingle!

Oh, and P.S. she can do hair too…or bring a hair/make-up team and get all your ladies in waiting looking gorgeous! How’s that for amazing?!