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Three reasons I love this DIY:

1. It’s so dang easy that if you felt like making a bunch of these for your wedding centerpieces, you totally could.

2. You get to upcycle leftover yarn…it really doesn’t use a whole ton. Besides the yarn, all you need is three pieces of felt and some glue (hot or tacky).

3. I’m a huge fan of instant gratification and projects that are under two hours, start to finish, make me smile.

Check out video tutorial I shot with the gang from SantaFe.com.  It’s some good ol’ fashioned glue gun fun at it’s finest!

The Hitching Post with Jessie Abrams Baca | Yarn Runners from SantaFe.com on Vimeo.

And, click here to see the wildly colorful runner I created last winter.  It’s so fun!