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One of my favorite ways to create a memorable experience for the guests is to encourage interactivity.  For Maggie and Kosta’s wedding, I wanted guests to feel part of the experience, not just stand around and observe. We wanted cocktail hour to be filled with laughter, smiles, a bunch of fun and guests hollering, “OPA!”

Enter the custom cocktail bar:

We decided to take the signature drink to a whole new level.  We worked with Hotel St. Francis’s very own Santa Fe Barman, Chris Milligan to create infusions of cucumber vodka and lemon infused rum.  The flavored spirits were pre-poured into customized jars and then guests were invited to choose their own combination of summer berries and fresh herbs to add to their concoction.  The drinks were topped off with soda and ice, covered with a lid and the guests could shimmy and shake their very own cocktails!

Shake, sip, OPA!


First and last photos courtesy of Ginger Russell Photography.  Middle photos via the Hitching Post Instagram Feed.