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Some things you should know about me.  Working out is a chore for me…I hate it.  I need to be severely distracted to do it and fooled into breaking a sweat.

Another thing, I am a stickler for beautiful surroundings…I will leave places because they have crappy lighting,  I hate being inside when I could be outside and gyms usually gross me out.  All that said, when I wandered into Buddha Fitness Club, I was taken aback by the perfect light and thoughtful layout.  I was actually inspired to get a gym membership and thought, “I could work out here.” What!?!

I was actually going to a yoga class that they had sponsored with my favorite Lululemon gals and I noticed they had a spin class set outside, on their beautiful patio…and get this, they had a DJ spinning sweet mellow beats!  (DJ Celeste actually spun one of my recent weddings and she rocks!)

Not a bad view while you’re breaking a sweat, huh?

I thought, any place that has a DJ with a spin class, has to be awesome, right?  Well I stopped to speak with the owner Douglas, who runs the gym with his wife Tara; he offered me a little work-out sesh, and I thought, why not?

But first , let’s talk about how beautiful this gym is.  The furnishings are natural and modern, it is a big loft space with tons of natural light and open doors (no stinky sweat stench), and you get to work out looking over the lush landscaping of the Railyard.

I tried TRX bands for the first time and WOAH, my little pencil arms got a run for their money!  It’s such a cool way to build strength and work your core at the same time! I just might even go back for more!

The gym has free weights, cardio machines, yoga, spin and TRX classes and personal training.  The best part about the personal training is, say if you are a bride and hate working out too, they’ll offer semi-private training sessions for a few more peeps, so you can bring your bridesmaids to get in gear with you!

Personally I love that your mind can feel good in such a beautiful space while your body is getting healthy too!  It makes sense that the Buddha Fitness Club is all about mindful exercise; I like that!